A Focus on Older Adults (2005) Felver, L. & Van Son, C. ($40.00)

This CD-ROM contains dozens of interactive learning activities that are built around nine competencies for working with older adults.

  • Each competency contains many learning activities, multiple ways to develop the competency, and options for people with different learning styles.
  • Each competency provides options for demonstrating the competency and includes evaluation criteria.
  • Menus of learning activities allow you to choose activities that are pertinent to various job settings and courses.
  • The Competency Menu Page has links for accessing the materials in 3 different ways:

  • By competency
  • By topic (topic index)
  • By teaching tool (teaching tool index)
  • Click to preview Awareness Competency Page

    This CD-ROM is Windows and Macintosh OS X compatible.

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